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For smart choices you can be proud of tomorrow, a custom home from Legacy GreenBuilders puts more green options within reach than you ever thought possible.

GreenBuilders’ forward-looking construction science helps you sustain our environment while surpassing all expectations for cost, quality, comfort, and health:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Safe air quality indoors
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Smart features for changing families and aging in place
  • Unsurpassed attention to detail

Working together, we help you understand the benefits of green building science, and our creative design principles make it easier to choose quality sustainable materials throughout your home.

Built Green from the Ground Up™

Building Iowa green homes means much more than just installing the right fixtures and insulation. At GreenBuilders we look at every opportunity before, during and after the construction process to make your home healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly:

1.   Minimal disruption of the natural environment. Site design and planning is the first stop in partnering with the environment. Wherever possible we will minimize disruption of native species, preserve open space, and make use of existing windbreaks surrounding your site.

2.   Building orientation to maximize natural daylight and passive ventilation. Natural daylight within your home is not only beautiful, it makes you feel better and can cut down on electric bills. Beginning with the design and site preparation, we consider the orientation of your home and the angle of the sun to determine ideal overhangs and well-placed windows to circulate fresh air throughout your home. We will even advise on placement of trees for shading and windbreaks.

3.  Cutting-edge insulation practices.  Our advanced insulating methods don’t just protect your utility bill – they keep out sound, moisture and wind. To us, “From the ground up” starts with fiber exterior concrete for basement walls, proceeds with extra insulation in garage walls and ceilings, foam around all doors and windows, a sealing system for drywall top plates and much more. Then we perform a HERS blower test upon completion to insure everything is sealed and stays that way.

4.  Efficient heating and cooling.  Highly efficient furnaces, AC and water heaters require more than reading labels – we design the entire building to insure you enjoy maximum comfort without the need to oversize on the appliances that draw the most energy.

5.  Water-efficient fixtures – without the pinch. On average, 60 percent of all indoor water use occurs in the bathroom. Your Iowa green home changes that in ways that won’t inconvenience you. With highly efficient toilets, faucet aerators and showerheads with on/off toggles, a typical household can save up to $200 annually in water and energy bills.

6.  Low-VOC paints, adhesives and materials.  We insist on solvent free or low-VOC paints and materials (less than 50 grams/liter of volatile organic compounds). While paint dries quickly, other materials in traditional new construction can emit gasses and allergens into your home for years. We seek out the healthiest products possible, while stretching your construction budget to keep your finances healthy, too.

7.  Formaldehyde-free products. Did you know that formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen? So why is it commonly found in carpet, cabinetry, insulation and other building products inside traditional living spaces? We help you explore healthier choices, like choosing green rated carpets or using hard surface floors instead. And our sources for formaldehyde-free cabinetry offer so many beautiful options you may have trouble choosing!

8.  Sustainable wood products. We encourage the option to utilize certified wood products, cut from sustainably-managed forests. Where possible we can also utilize used, re-purposed and re-graded wood products to limit the environmental impact of making your home in the world.

9.  Rainwater harvesting for irrigation and toilet flushing.  Why waste the rainwater that falls on your rooftop? A well-designed rainwater harvesting system can capture it for use in irrigation and toilet flushing – reducing your annual water consumption by as much as 50 percent.

10. Landscaping with native and drought-tolerant plants. We use native plants, naturally adapted to the environment. That means they require minimal care, less water and can provide valuable habitat for local birds and wildlife.

11. Smart construction site recycling.  The debris generated onsite during construction is carefully sorted for salvage and reuse to minimize the impact of your project. By keeping reusable and recyclable materials out of the landfill, it also saves costs for your local community, too.

By working with Legacy GreenBuilders, building your Iowa green home has never been easier – and the results are breathtaking!

Contact us today and explore why a Legacy GreenBuilders home is smart today, and even smarter tomorrow!

  • Smart Today.
    Even Smarter Tomorrow.

    Residential Ongoing savings are an unseen benefit of your GreenBuilders home – and the market value that it builds for you. As experts in energy efficient construction, we know where tomorrow’s standards are headed – and match or exceed them today. It’s right for our clients, the environment, and the resale value of your home.

    Smart planning for the future is why every GreenBuilders home includes many options to accommodate a changing family. We even include features that give retirees the option to age in place without moving.

    For instance, we install a second, wider frame in the wall around most doorways. Should your home ever need to accommodate a wheelchair, converting to larger doorways is no problem. After all, the true sign of a dream home is being able to enjoy it as long as you want.

    One more reason why people talk good about us behind our backs.