Why people talk good

about us behind our backs

Every day, Legacy GreenBuilders works to improve the health of people and the planet through green building science and ecologically sound land development. Our mission is to develop properties in a manner that improves the short and long-term impact on the environment, while exceeding each client’s expectation for cost, quality, energy use, health and comfort.

We build on principle, even if no one will notice.
With experience in Iowa that spans five decades, we want our communities to experience the full benefits of commercial and residential green building. Iowa winters, plus the local desire for sustainable land use, means that the highest standards are in order. If we ever hear that a sub- contractor is willing to cut corners to increase our profits, we know they’re not for us. Many of the features we install will never see the light of day, and most people don’t even know they are there. But we do. Each and every feature is behind the scene, doing its job to save money and resources. Knowing that is good enough for us.

Chris and his team at Legacy GreenBuilders, build a quality home. It’s impossible to build an environmentally conscious home without building it well.

Meet the team

“The other quality that sets Legacy GreenBuilders apart is trust. In my opinion, trust is almost as important as quality. Maybe they are equal.”

Chris & ellie



Office Manager